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Enjoy your day knowing your pet is in good hands with Delaware’s longest running daycare for dogs

Dog Dayz offers a peace of mind alternative to leaving your canine pals home. Whether you work out of the home, work from home, or are having work done to your home, Dog Dayz is the perfect daytime hangout for your dog. Your pooch can socialize with buddies, join in controlled exercise and play activities, gain reinforcement of basic commands, take potty breaks and revel in attention from expert caregivers throughout the day.

dog daycare in wilmington

Snack Time

To the pups whose parents bring in snacks or lunch, we can provide daily feeding times.

Daily Activities

Exercise is a crucial part of any dog’s overall well-being. At Dog Dayz we provide exercise activities for all shapes and sizes of dogs in a controlled and safe environment.

Cozy Time

We offer cozy resting spots throughout our facility for pups who need break from the action!


We love seeing our canine pals make friends while learning proper socialization skills under of supervision.

The Top Reasons to

Send Your Dog To Daycare

There are many reasons to send your dog to a daily care facility

two dogs socializing at dog dayz daycare

At Dog Dayz, our team of professional staff will monitor all play activity. We use positive reinforcement and the dogs are never left unsupervised nor are the crated. Our play areas are open, spacious and climate controlled.

It is vital the all dogs be taught proper social skills so they can become a well adjusted puppy into a well rounded adult dog. At Dog Dayz we provide these skills in a safe, group environment.

Dogs are pack animals by nature and learn best from each other. The training benefits that come from a group of well- behaved dogs are priceless!

For those dogs that are on the shy side, the daycare environment is a huge help to get them to feel more confident and come out of their shell. This is especially true for our rescue animals, and one of the main reasons we believe so strongly in an open play environment. 

Dog Dayz Doggie Daycare

Rates & Dropoffs

  • Daily Rate $30

    Includes entire day from 7am – 7pm for 1 dog

  • 5 Day Pass $140

    Valid 90 days from purchase

  • 10 Day Pass $270

    Valid 90 days from purchase

  • 20 Day Pass $500

    Valid 90 days from purchase

  • 30 Day Pass $690

    Valid 30 days from purchase

  • 1/2 Day $17

    Mornings only from 7am – 11am

  • Temperament Test $15

    Conducted before enrollment

  • *Now Offering Contact-free Transactions with Venmo

Drop off hours for daycare services are from 7 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.


A late fee of $1.00 per minute will be imposed for drop offs after 11:00 a.m. and pick ups after 7:00 p.m.


Please allow for extra time when bringing your dog to daycare.

two dogs kissing dog daycare

Benefits of


Here we seek to explain the differences between a group-based daycare environment and in-home pet sitting

dogs socializing at dog dayz daycare

There are plenty of benefits for dogs being in a group instead of individual care like with pet sitting. Clearly, the benefit of keeping the dog at home during the day is that your dog will have all of the creature comforts within the home, such as toys, couch, bed, food, and so on. However, there are often even more benefits to group socialization. with a group of other dogs. 

Most dogs are, by nature, pack animals. They want to be around a group because that is how they learn to be themselves and what is an appropriate way to behave. That is why we strongly encourage dogs be around others so they can properly socialize, make friends, and learn better behavior. One of the most significant benefits we see are with dogs who are shy and seem to come out of their shell when surrounded by others. They no longer feel isolated and can get back to their roots as a pack animal.

We feel strongly about the benefits of dogs in groups, and our  daycare facility in Wilmington is a perfect place for dogs to get along together and become a pack member. Just have a look at the photo gallery to see just how happy our pups look when together!

Find Out If Your Dog Is Eligible

We have a list of requirements that will let you know if your pup is a proper fit for our family. 

Dog Dayz

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