Dog Daycare Eligibility

For admittance into Dog Dayz Doggie Daycare, we want all dogs to meet these requirements*

We want the safest and most beneficial environment for all of our dogs. We require dogs be at least 5 months old based on experience and knowledge which tells us that they are most susceptible to proper etiquette, socialization, and house training.
Puppies may be admitted to Dog Dayz until the age of 7 months without being neutered.
To maintain a safe environment for all dogs in our facility, we require all admitted dogs to be up to date on their DHLPP, bordatella and rabies vaccinations. We also have a general standard for overall health and well being.
It is important that your pet be friendly towards people and other dogs, as well as not overly protective of toys and space. We have a caring staff trained to handle all situations, however there should not be any ongoing trends that can harm either humans or other dogs.
We specialize in rescue dogs and think that our daycare program is a perfect opportunity for them to learn proper home behavior and social skills.

*Exceptions may be made in appropriate circumstances. Contact us to learn more.

For Eligible Dogs

How To Apply

Step 1

Submit Application

You can fill out the eligibility application online by clicking the buttons on this page

Step 2

Schedule an Interview

All owners and dogs must come in for an in-person interview. You must make a reservation with the Dog Dayz staff.

Step 3

Take Temperament Test

During the interview we conduct a temperament test for the dog to make sure they are a good fit for our daycare program. *There is a $15 non-refundable temperament test fee

Step 4

Complete Enrollment

Once accepted into the Dog Dayz daycare program, payment is processed and your dog is then eligible to attend!

Eligible Dogs May Apply Here

If you are interested in joining the Dog Dayz Daycare program click the button below to access the full application in PDF format



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