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"Dog Dayz is amazing. My dog, Rex, loves going there and I love knowing that he is safe and having fun while I work all day. The staff is amazing and knowledgeable about dogs. They also really care about the dogs under their care. When Rex came back from vacation and seemed to be not himself, it was the staff at Dog Dayz that first noticed the issue. I was contacted right away, and everyone continued to check in with me to see how Rex was doing. The staff knows each dog so well and are very good about ensuring that all the dogs that come to daycare have fun, whether it is chasing balls, or playing with new toys. They are also good about making sure the dogs have some nap/snack time during the day so that they do not get overly tired and can continue to play safely. It is great to see the photos that are taken of the dogs during the day and on special occasions, like birthdays! I love hearing about Rex’s day and who he played with when I pick him up. Dog Dayz has also given my dog a bath and cut his nails, which is fantastic, because then I not only pick up a tired and happy dog at the end of the day, but he is also clean and smells good! I am so happy that we have found Dog Dayz and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a dog daycare!"


Rex's Owner
choco review of dog daycare

"I have been taking my dog to Dog Dayz about twice a week for almost six years now. Every time we pull up he runs to the door (sometimes without me) because he loves it there so much. Even better, he is wiped out from playing with the staff and his friends all day by the time I pick him up. The hours of 7am-7pm are really accommodating with work schedules. The facility is huge, with plenty of play space and nap space. Michelle and her team have been great to deal with and are very caring for the dogs. I love the pictures that I get of my pooch and the other dogs! Dog Dayz has become family, and I would not consider going anywhere else!"


Choco's Owner
sanderson at dog daycare wilmington

"We have been with Dog Dayz for about 5 years now. We had been through other dog camps with devastating consequences to our dog (2 surgeries). I was incredibly skeptical when moving Sanderson to another camp but from the very first day we picked him up, we knew we found our new day care! Michelle and her staff are devoted dog lovers. They are kind, caring and love our dog like their own. Whenever we go away, our dog goes to stay with Michelle or Kim and comes home loved and cared for. Sanderson loves hearing he is going to camp and gets so excited when we pull up! I just can’t imagine not having Dog Dayz and am so thankful for them every day!"


Sanderson's Owner
zoe dog daycare testimonial

I cannot say enough great things about Michelle, her staff and the care given to my dog and all dogs that go to Dog Dayz. Zoe has been going there for approximately 4 years based on a friend's recommendation. The expertise, care and compassion shown each and every day is the reason I feel at ease dropping Zoe off and going to work without any worries. I know she is being well cared for and having a blast with the other dogs and chasing the tennis balls all day long. I highly recommend (and have made recommendations to my friends) to anyone looking for doggie daycare to check out Dog Dayz.

Stacy F.

Zoe's Owner
bert the dog - testimonial for dog daycare

"I cannot recommend DogDayz enough. After a not great experience with another daycare, I wasn’t sure it would work out. I was told Bert was aggressive, and although, I had never seen that behavior I was told a daycare environment may just not be for him. Then, we met Michelle and the team at DogDayz. Bert has thrived in daycare. While he does sometimes get overstimulated and need alone time, the staff has recognize this and separates him if needed. He loves going to daycare and I love knowing he’s safe and being well taken care of. I couldn’t be happier with DogDayz. I am so happy I found Michelle and her team."

Joanne M.

Bert's Owner

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